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Only the key Apple identity about the gadget (the one which has iCloud copies available) is available to join to Locate my iPhone. Any supplementary iCloud reports added to the device can’t be used to track the device. If she does not mind that her ID will not be the main one yes, you’re able to set it up with your Apple identity whilst the principal one and that will work good. Additionally, if she doesn’t mind, you can join with her identification. Or even, you can use Locate my Buddies since this works across multiple IDs. Responded May-16’13 at 6:17 Bear in mind, this is somewhat improper. You could signal into any identity when watching FMI. Therefore, the OP can sign into the girl's Apple identification consideration (from iCloud.com or even the iOS software) then see-the place of her phone. Are you aware that config, both gadgets ought to be closed into their own reports.

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& ndash May-16’13 at 12:48 The combined answer is: YES, you should use Locate My iPhone to track the iPhone of somebody else, so long as you realize the Apple identification that is key and code that is used on that phone. To observe the phone, mount the Discover My iPhone software from the App Store on your own phone log to the app utilizing the Apple ID and appspying.com review password used about the other (i.e. your girl’s Apple ID). Should younot mind your girl realizing that you are checking her place, then your Locate Our Pals app (additionally from Apple) is a better option for checking because it allows you to observe numerous telephones concurrently and never having to sign into the their Apple IDs, and enables geofenced alerts (e.g. “inform me when my girl leaves college”). One likely downside is the fact that employing Find My Pals may also share your local area along with your girl (and someone else you are following). Responded May-16’13 at 13:may To immediately answer your question, you could possibly use Uncover My iPhone to monitor your girl’s iPhone using the Find My iPhone application that you can get from your appstore – without the effect for your Apple ID that’s in use on your own device. All you need to accomplish is indicator into her Apple identity within the software, also it must present her device (as long as Uncover my iPhone is empowered on her behalf gadget). http://appspying.com/spy-on-text-messages/ You are able to retain your IDs fully independent, with all the Find my app that is iPhone, and all that’s necessary to understand is her Apple ID.

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Like @grgarside stated. Find Our Friends could possibly be considered a greater option either way because you may set geofence notices up, and suchswered May 16’13 at 12:45 “Monitor” may not be the absolute expression that is most exact. You are able to “identify” (or find) your daughteris iPhone, but only if she’s the application and iCloud permitted. If she turns it off on her phone, then you won’t have the capacity to identify her phone (or her). The app doesn’t “monitor” in terms of featuring you where she as been, to place from location. To put it differently, she may have it on when she’s house, transform it off and visit the mall with her buddies, then transform it back on when she gets home and you’ll not realize – other than the app can indicate an “previous spot” when it tries to locate her cellphone and also the app/ iCloud are turned off. Responded Jul 30’13 at 16:10 Inc, 2016 Pile Exchange